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Since the 1950s, the semiconductor material in various technical fields has been widely applied to develop very rapidly. Good thermoelectric properties of semiconductor materials that greatly improve the efficiency of thermoelectric effect, so that the thermoelectric cooling and combined heat and power generation begin to enter engineering practice.

Thermoelectric cooling is solid-state cooling, excellent seismic performance, size, precision, small size, light weight, the role of speed, high reliability, long life, no noise and no maintenance, etc., it has been gotten widespread attention at home and abroad in recent years. Currently, the thermoelectric cooler has been widely applied  in national defense, industrial, agricultural, medical, commercial, and other areas of daily life to , such as electronic medical devices, vacuum cooling, the microscope stage, electronics cooling, thermoelectric cooling apparatus, drinking and small refrigerator and so on.

As a green environmentally friendly energy conversion technology, thermoelectric power generation technology is mainly used in candles lamps, heat fans, thermoelectric generators, field generators, firewood generator, bio-fuel generator, vehicle exhaust waste heat generators, waste incineration generator system and boiler heat generator system and a series of products and related fields. (part of the products shown below)


    FIG 1. Candle Lamp                                                          FIG 2. Thermoelectric Fan



FIG 3. Thermoelectric Generator




FIG 4. Automobile Exhaust Generator



FIG 5. 180 Watts Liquid to Liquid type Thermoelectric Power Generator


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