Home > ProductsTELBP Series is is constructed with the mixture of Lead Tin Tellurium and Bismuth Tellurium to tap the both advantage of two types materials for heat source of 200-360C.

   The  power  module  is  designed  and  manufactured  by  our  unique  technology  for  converting  heat  source  directly  into electricity .  The  module  is constructed with  the  mixture of  Lead Tin Tellurium and Bismuth Tellurium to tap the both advantage of two types materials for heat source  of 200-360  ?C. It  can run  in  the temperature  of  as  high  as  360  ?C  (680  ?F)  heat  sourcecontinuously   and up to  4 5 0   ?C  (752 ?F) intermittently. The  thermoelectric  module  will generate DC electricity as long as there is a temperature difference across the module. The more power will be generated when the temperature difference across the module becomes larger , and the efficiency of converting heat energy into electricity will increase therefore. The module is stuck with the high thermal conductivity graphite sheet on its both sides  ceramic plates to provide low contact thermal resistance, hence you do not need to apply thermal grease or other heat transfer compound when you install the module. The graphite sheet can work well in extremely high temperature. 

TELBP Series Thermoelectric Power Module

Part Number

The following specification are based on that the hot side temperature is at 350 ℃ and cold side at 30 ℃.


  • Size: 56 mm x 56 mm
  • Open circuit voltage: 9.2 volts
  • Matched load output resistance: 0.97 ohms
  • Matched load output voltage: 4.6 volts
  • Matched load output current: 4.7 amperes
  • Matched load output power: 21.7 watts
  • Heat flow through the module: about 247watts
  • Heat flux: about 7.9 watts/cm2

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If you did not find thermoelectric module that meets your requirements, we are ready to design the one at your request.


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