Home > Products50 Watts “stove top” thermoelectric generator for gas stove. Just put it on top of the gas stove to generate electricity, light in weight,small in size and no noise, good for outdoor activity and emergency.



The below is a “stove top” thermoelectric generator for any type of cook stove or pilot flame heat sources. The generator can be just simply placed on the stove to generate 50 watts DC electricity by converting the heat source collected from the flame of the stove. The generator is equipped with the outputs of 14 VDC for deep cycle battery charging, and of 12 VDC or 5 VDC for powering electronic products. The generator comes with a self-powered fan and cooling system to dissipate the heat. When the collector of the generator is heated to 350 °C, the output power will go over 50 watts. The Generator is good for running on 330°C to 450 °Cheat source.

The unit is light in weight, small in size, easy to carry or install to any hot surface.




Part Number


Output Power


Output Voltage

12 VDC from car cigarette lighter adapter

5 VDC from a USB port

Output Voltage From Charger


Maximum Temperature

450 °C( Hot surface )

Dimension Size





Please down load the specification from here in PDF TEG-ST50-12V 


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