Home > Products350 watts Hot Gas to Liquid Type Thermoelectric Power Generator Good for Automobile Exhaust Heat Recovery

The generator here is a hot gas-liquid type thermoelectric generator, which consist of a hot gas heat collector, 36 pieces thermoelectric modules and a liquid cooling system. The heat collector will capture the heat of hot gas that passing through and transfer the heat energy to each modules. The modules are cooled by a circulated liquid cooling system. The generator can generate 350watts if the hot gas can heat up the hot side of modules 300oC or above.


Up to 60 per cent of the energy created by an internal combustion engine is lost in heat, with half of it going to exhaust heat and the other half going to the cooling system. If we will capture the exhaust heat energy and turn it into electricity energy by thermoelectric, the automobile fuel efficiency can be improved hence the exhaust emissions can be reduced. The generator here can be used for such application.



Please down load the specification from here in PDF TEG-HL350-48V
Please down load the specification from here in PDF TEG-HL350-24V

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