Home > Products8 Watts/15 Watts Portable Thermoelectric Power Generator for fireplace heater. Just put it on top hot surface of fireplace heater to generate free electricity without any noise when the heater is warming up the home

The below is a portable thermoelectric power generator for Gas Stove or Wood Stove Heater or any other heat sources. The generator can be placed on the surface of heat source (oven, gas stove, wood stove, etc.) to generate the electricity for charging the battery, and power electronics with its 12VDC and 4.5VDC outputs. The generator comes with a self-powered fan to dissipate the heat. When the hot plate of the generator is heated to 330℃/380℃, the output power will go over 8 watts/13 watts. The Generator can run up to 480℃/500℃ heat source surface. It is not only a power generator, but also help circulates the heat with its attached fan.




Please down load the specification from here in PDF



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